Instrument Repair Management Portal

Veritas Instrument Rentals supplies musical instruments to all USA states. Thousands of instruments are currently in active use. The repair portal is used to manage the repair and return processes.

The Problem

  • Not able to share repair requests
  • Difficult to trace and track instrument inventory

Difficult to see the big picture without spending many hours hunting in Excel files.

When customers experienced a faulty or damaged instrument, they need to return it to their local music shop who is also an affiliate for Veritas.

The music shop then needed to fax a repair request form to Veritas who then had to enter the data into a spreadsheet and then approve or not approve the repair. The shop was then contacted by fax or by email to ship the instrument and they were given a repair code for the job.

The instrument would then be shipped and on arrival would need to be checked in and the Excel file updated. When the instrument was fixed the Excel would be updated again and then the instrument shipped back to the shop.

With so many instruments the management of the repair data was using too much time and slowing down the process.

What We Did

We worked with Veritas to understand the current process and to identify where the pain points were. A process for the new system was then agreed with Veritas.

The new portal would have a special web-based user account for affiliates. When logged in affiliates could look up the instrument direct from an instrument inventory database that Logic Replace created.

The instrument database is a critical part of the system because it allows repair jobs to be associated against any instrument.

Affiliates enter a repair request for one or more instruments and describe what the issues are with the instrument.

At the Veritas office an admin account monitors the incoming repair requests and a report module lists the requests that require approval. Staff can view multiple requests on one screen and can then approve multiple requests in one go.

The affiliates are then alerted by email that the requests are approved and are provided with a reference number.

The whole system saves a lot of time and Veritas can see the status of all repairs and can also run management reports.

Logic Replace LLC

User interface for affiliates who submit repair requests.

“I was pleased with Logic Replace’s level of understanding of my needs and the various existing systems we already had in place. My requests for assistance, updates and various tweaks since have been met with the same tenacity as when you were prospecting for the project. Our online offering has been a great success. I would surely recommend your services to anyone in need of quality work. ”

Dawson Flinchbaugh

(Director of Marketing) Veritas Instrument Rental Inc, Florida

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