eLearning and Online Testing For Data Protection

PDP Training is the UK’s leading data protection and compliance training supplier. PDP has been a customer of Logic Replace for over 7 years.

The Problem

PDP deliver many face to face training courses. There are certain delegates who already have the knowledge but for compliance reasons they must demonstrate that they fully understand the learning that is delivered using the normal training courses.

  • The delegates who do not need to attend training do not want to travel to take a test
  • Doing a test by postal mail is not desired because delegates could look up answers

What We Did

It was decided that an on line testing portal would be set-up. Logic Replace developed this and it has the following features:

  • Can add delegate accounts on the main admin
  • Can define courses and tests
  • Can define optional electives
  • Can define the duration for each test and the required score to pass/fail
  • Delegates can login and see tests
  • A delegate has a limited duration to complete the test
  • A countdown timer is visible to the delegate
  • Full internet and power interruption and recovery is included
  • The results of the test are stored in the main admin
  • The main admin can run management reports
Logic Replace LLC

Logic Replace also developed the PDP Training website with course booking.

“The Logic Replace team bring high levels of technical ability and attention to detail to any web-project. From the outset, they understood our needs and delivered exactly what we were hoping for within an agreed timescale. The final product is sleek, professional and offers an enjoyable experience for the end-user. I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending LR as their team of web-professionals have given us a commercial edge in our field. ”

James Anderson

PDP Conferences, London

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