Art Asset Management and Reporting System

Diva Art Group is a USA based fine art broker that facilitates the sale and purchase of a wide range of artworks including art by famous artists.

The Problem

Diva Art Group were using a commercially available software package that is a gallery management product. The problem for Diva Art Group related to:

  • The gallery management software while excellent was separate from the website’s inventory
  • Too much double entry was required for the gallery management software and the website.

What We Did

It was decided that an on line asset management solution would provide efficiencies so one web based database could then be shared between the website and the back-end management of artworks. The resulting system has the following features:

  • Can add artworks and have them visible on the website
  • Can define artists and link to artworks
  • Can define contacts as buyers, sellers or both
  • Can monitor the queries for artworks from potential buyers
  • Sellers can add their own artworks using their own account
  • Diva Art Group can approve artworks submitted or changed
  • Back-end reporting to show what artworks are owned by sellers and total value
  • Reporting shows the contacts interested in artworks
  • Various other reporting capabilities specific to the needs of Diva Art Group

Logic Replace also designed and created the website for Diva Art Group that is linked to the asset management system. The website and the asset management system share the same information.

The benefits for the business are that artwork, artists, sellers and buyers are now all in one database and the information is then used for reporting and for publishing on the website. Result is a significant reduction in time to manage the inventory and the website.

Logic Replace LLC

Logic Replace also designed and developed the Diva Art Group website.

“I was pleased with Logic Replace’s level of understanding of my needs and the various existing systems we already had in place. My requests for assistance, updates and various tweaks since have been met with the same tenacity as when you were prospecting for the project. Our online offering has been a great success. I would surely recommend your services to anyone in need of quality work.”

Dawson Flinchbaugh

(Director of Marketing) Veritas Instrument Rental Inc, Florida

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